A Zoom Murder Mystery

Eerie Tating


Rules of Mystery

You are here to solve a mystery.

There is only one true killer.

Nobody knows who the true killer is... including the true killer.

Murder is about two things: Motive and Opportunity

Many suspects have one OR the other, but only our true killer has BOTH!

Investigation Time

Investigation Time is your best opportunity to crack this case.

Here are some Suggested Questions that you can ask during Investigation Time.

You may refer back to this OR ask any questions you like!

Why are you here tonight?

What are you being blackmailed for?

Would you have the opportunity to commit this crime?

Are you personally involved with any of the suspects? How?

Can you tell me a clue about another suspect?

Who do you think committed this crime?

What is your current financial situation?

To proceed, make sure you have your FIRST password from Detective Ness.

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