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How to Commit Murder

The Murder Mystery Company’s Zoom murder mystery parties are easy to plan and fun to play for one reason. Every show is hosted by a Professional Actor that guides you and your loved ones through the game creating suspense and laughs.  All you have to do is turn on Zoom and let the murder mystery games begin!

What's it really like?

A virtual murder mystery party is an interactive party with your friends and family through Zoom. Imagine you and 7 of your loved ones are inside an interactive murder mystery story, like Clue or Knives Out. We use a combination of multimedia, real-time live host interaction with your group of suspects, crime scene photos, and other visual clues to create a world of suspense, mystery, and murder that you get to play in.

How does it work?

Reserve Your Date

The demand for our virtual parties has been incredibly high, so reserve today to get the time you want. Can’t find the time you want? Check back for spots, as new ones open up daily.

Once you reserve, you’ll receive two emails. One with all the suspects (but no spoilers), the other with an invitation. Select the other 7 people you want to play and cast them however you want. Include the link to their suspect’s info in the Invitation email from us that you will then send out to your guests.

Each of your invited guests will check out their individual suspects’ website. They’ll find inspirations, clues, and costume tips.

Show up at your reserved time and have fun! Your on-screen Detective will handle everything for the game so you can enjoy this special time with your friends… and find out which one of them is a cold-blooded killer!

I'm a suspect,

but I need help finding my way back to the mansion!
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You’ll quickly see that Zoom is as easy as any other video chat software like Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype.

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